With less than half a mile to go before joining the Tweed, the Gala Water flows past the surviving northern abutment of the railway bridge that once carried the Selkirk branch across the river. Looking north west towards Galashiels station on 8 February 2015 from the pedestrian footbridge off Galafoot Lane. The recently laid tracks of the Borders Railway run between the mesh fences.
John Furnevel [08/02/2015]

It takes faith and imagination to plot the first 100 yards of the Selkirk
branch from the junction, a mile or so south of Galashiels station.
Suddenly though on the south side of the Gala Water, the embankment of the
old branch rears up. This view looks towards the junction. The timbers on
the right probably held the ground frame for the gasworks siding.

David Panton [30/01/2018]

Here, along a part of the old Selkirk- Galashiels line near Selkirk Junction there are extant wooden sleepers still visibly in situ.
Kathryn Cresswell [09/04/2017]
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