Looking south past Saughtree station in 1963, with the (now-demolished) viaduct over the Dawston Burn in the distance. Had the 1990s^ plans of Borders Transport Futures been successful then nowadays this view would have featured a heavy freight railway conveying military traffic from Otterburn, and timber from Kielder Forest to mills in Carlisle, Workington and Chirk.
Frank Spaven Collection (Courtesy David Spaven) [//1963]

Railway workers^ cottages at Saughtree, seen on a BLS visit. There seems to have been some tree clearance over the last 52 years [see image 41794]
Ken Strachan [10/07/2015]

Both the hole in the wall, and the track leading into it, are definitely not original features of these railwaymen^s cottages at Saughtree. [see image 53975]
Ken Strachan [10/07/2015]
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