V2 2-6-2 no 60804 of Dundee Tay Bridge shed arrives at Saughton Junction with a freight from the north in July 1959. The train is crossing over to the E&G line and will join the ^sub^ at Haymarket West Junction.
A Snapper (Courtesy Bruce McCartney) [31/07/1959]

BRCW Type 2 no D5320 at Saughton Junction with a freight about to cross over to the Forth Bridge line in August 1959. The Haymarket locomotive was just over 4 months old at that time.
A Snapper (Courtesy Bruce McCartney) [27/08/1959]

Long time Edinburgh resident A1 Pacific no 60162 Saint Johnstoun heads west through Saughton Junction on the last day of July 1959 and starts the gradual turn north with a train for Aberdeen.
A Snapper (Courtesy Bruce McCartney) [31/07/1959]
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