Haymarket A3 Pacific no 60057 Ormonde at Saughton Junction in June 1958 with the down North Briton passing V3 no 67608 with empty stock from Saughton carriage sidings.
A Snapper (Courtesy Bruce McCartney) [23/06/1958]

View east from alongside Saughton Junction in June 1958 as A2 Pacific no 60509 Waverley approaches with a motley collection of coaching stock heading for the Forth Bridge.
A Snapper (Courtesy Bruce McCartney) [23/06/1958]

A2 Pacific no 60507 ^Highland Chieftain^ runs through Saughton Junction on 11 August 1957 and is about to turn north on the route towards the Forth Bridge. The train has just passed a freight standing at signals on the right beyond the footbridge.
A Snapper (Courtesy Bruce McCartney) [11/08/1957]
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