Freightliner 66509 approaches the buffer stops on the reversing spur at Ravenstruther shortly after leaving the West Coast Main Line (above which the overhead mast in the foreground stands) on 15 May 2008. The locomotive will reverse its empties along the siding in the centre of the picture and under the loading stage which is located off to the right. The solitary coal hopper on the left stands in the crippled wagon siding.
John Furnevel [15/05/2008]

View east from the A70 road bridge of the WCML. Beyond, the ground is being prepared for Ravenstruther coal loading terminal. By 2016 it would be closed and demolished.
Bill Roberton [//1988]

End of the line. Looking east from the A70 towards the buffer stops at the end of the reversing siding at Ravenstruther on 15 May 2008. Freightliner 66509 has recently arrived off the WCML with coal empties and the driver is currently awaiting clearance before reversing his train along the siding running across the centre of the photograph and under the loading gantry.
John Furnevel [15/05/2008]
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