Looking at this picture its a wonder main line steam has continued and thrives. How close a look at the engine did they want? 4498 pauses on the overbridge at Ravenglass on one of the early Cumbrian Coast workings, this particular one believed to have been from Blackpool North to Ravenglass, and steam hauled from Carnforth by A4 4498 Sir Nigel Gresley.
David Hindle [23/08/1978]

A well loaded train waits to depart from Ravenglass station, possibly in the 1930s. The picture is from a postcard in my collection and I would be interested if anyone is able to put a date to it.
John McIntyre Collection [//]

River Irt on the turntable at Ravenglass on 18 October 2008.
Peter Todd [18/10/2008]
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