Approach to the former Racks station from the east on 21 May 2008 with the entrance to the station and goods yard on the left and the road bridge over the main line top right.
John Furnevel [21/05/2008]

The station name has now reappeared at Racks (closed 1965), formed with white bricks [see image 19502]. Photographed looking east from the road bridge on 13 May 2010.
John Furnevel [13/05/2010]

The converted station building at Racks looking east across the lines in May 2008. During its 117 years as a station until closure in 1965 the (still noticeable) difference in height between the main building and platform level was overcome by the use of two fenced diagonal ramps built into the slope with the remainder of the area occupied by a profusion of shrubbery and flower beds.
John Furnevel [21/05/2008]
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