67001 turns south at Portobello Junction on 14 December and heads for Millerhill yard. The road bridge/embankment in the background follows the route that once carried the Lothian Lines spanning the sub and the ECML, on their way to Leith docks.
John Furnevel [14/12/2007]

Danny Forbes in action firing Oliver Cromwell on 24 March 2012 [see image 38225].
David Spaven [24/03/2012]

^Analysis Mr Spock?^... ^It^s a type of Tamper Captain... but not as we know it.^ A Stoneblower, used for pneumatic ballast injection, standing in the CE sidings at Portobello on 13 April 2007, photographed from a passing train.
John Furnevel [13/04/2007]
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