Newhailes Junction, former junction for Musselburgh, viewed from the west.
Ewan Crawford [//]

A gloomy Tuesday afternoon in April 1970 as EE Type 4 No. 252 passes Newhailes Junction with the 11.50 Aberdeen to Kings Cross Freightliner service. The single track of the by then freight only Musselburgh branch runs immediately to the right of the locomotive.
Bill Jamieson [14/04/1970]

Deltic No. D9016 ^Gordon Highlander^ powers out of Edinburgh south of Newhailes Junction leaving a blue exhaust haze in
its wake - there was nothing quite like a lung-full of
carcinogens after the passage of a Deltic! The train is the Sunday
11.00 Edinburgh - Kings Cross and the date 19th April 1970.
Bill Jamieson [19/04/1970]
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