The up Highland Chieftain, 07.55 ex-Inverness, runs through Musselburgh at speed on 11 June 2011.
John Furnevel [11/06/2011]

An afternoon service for North Berwick pulls into Musselburgh. Only the 9th of June, but the grass is already looking a bit scorched: can it last?

In eastern and central Scotland we are so used to Platform 1 being for Edinburgh trains that it^s a bit of a disappointment to be demoted to Platform 2 in East Lothian. This is presumably because the Edinburgh-bound side is now Down.
David Panton [09/06/2016]

The Great Britain II railtour (1010 ex-Waverley) returning south through Musselburgh on 14 April 2009 behind 60009 Union of South Africa.
John Furnevel [14/04/2009]
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