Journey^s end is almost in sight for Deltic No. 9000 Royal Scots Grey on 21 April 1970 as it brings the 08.00 ex-Kings Cross past Monktonhall Junction.
Bill Jamieson [21/04/1970]

Birmingham Type 2 No. D5316 passes Monktonhall Junction on 21 April 1970 heading east with a rake of Cemflo cement wagons, presumably empty and destined for Oxwellmains cement works. The line to Hardengreen Junction, then still open as far as Dalkeith Colliery, can be seen diverging sharply to the left.
Bill Jamieson [21/04/1970]

On the afternoon of 5 February 1970, BRCW Type 2 No. 5303 approaches Monktonhall Junction off the chord from Millerhill Yard with a loaded MGR coal train from Monktonhall Colliery (booked departure time 16:05) to Cockenzie Power Station. The tracks on the extreme right were the direct connection from Niddrie West Junction via Wanton Walls.
Bill Jamieson [05/02/1970]
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