Novel little sign in Dumfries in the shadow of the closed Maxwelltown branch (formerly the Port Road) off the Nith Line. Tom Train refers to a certain tank engine.
Brian Smith [18/03/2016]

A Glasgow - Carlisle train passing the former junction with the Stranraer line north of Dumfries station in November 2005. The short branch serving the former ICI factory at Cargenbridge had closed in 1994.
John Furnevel [10/11/2005]

A Glasgow Central - Carlisle service approaching Dumfries station on 3 May passes the former junction for the Stranraer line. The trackbed of the old Port Road has been converted to a walkway/cycleway just beyond the trees and follows the route as far as Cargenbridge on what is now known as The Maxwelltown Railway Path. [See image 25379]
Brian Smith [03/05/2010]
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