The 1860 station at Maxwelltown (closed 1939) looking east towards Dumfries in 1970. At this time the line was still open as far as the ICI Works at Cargenbridge and the old goods yard off picture to the left housed a rail served fuel distribution depot. Only the up line was in use and the former station house was unoccupied and secured.
John Furnevel [07/02/1970]

Road approach to the former Maxwelltown station in 2017. The station, now a private residence, closed to passengers in 1939. The old station yard off to the right saw use as a rail served fuel distribution depot for several years. The last remaining section of the line serving the former ICI works at Cargenbridge, less than two miles west of here, finally closed in 1994. [Ref query 1025]
Ross Wilson [26/05/2017]

Looking west at the former Maxwelltown station.
Ewan Crawford [//]
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