The most powerful and sophisticated locomotive built in the UK at that time, the 6,760 HP dual voltage class 92, carried a price tag of almost £3m per unit. Here one of the class takes 2 tanks south through Lamington in September 2006.
John Furnevel [01/09/2006]

An unidentified class 90 in Railfreight Distribution livery with a southbound freight at Lamington in August 1996, seen shortly after crossing the viaduct over the Clyde. [Ref query 3 September 2017]
John Furnevel [16/08/1996]

Early one morning.... 71000 Duke of Gloucester takes ^The North Briton^ past a frosty field of photographers at Lamington on 16 April 2008 on its return south.
John Furnevel [16/04/2008]
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