Looking north over the Kingmoor Marshalling Yard.
Ewan Crawford [//]

Comings and goings at the south end of Kingmoor Yard in the 1960s.
Robin Barbour Collection (Courtesy Bruce McCartney) [//]

Carlisle Kingmoor Marshalling Yard looking north over the Up Departure Lines (middle) and mainline (right) in 1987. This was not long after one of several rationalisations of the yard and the ballast still shows imprint of the lifted lines. To the left this was the former single-road diesel shed and sidings (later a fuel and inspection depot). Michael Rhodes, in The Illustrated History of Marshalling Yards, comments This small locomotive stabling point was extremely busy during the early years ... An average day would see 95 locomotives pass through the depot.
Ewan Crawford [//1987]
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