The photographer^s sons chase each other along the platform of Kielder^s distinctive station in April 1964.
Frank Spaven Collection (Courtesy David Spaven) [/04/1964]

View north towards the former Kielder station (Renamed Kielder Forest in 1948) on 7 November, with the overgrown trackbed of the Border Counties Railway running off to the left of the road on its way to Riccarton Junction. In the background stands part of the massive Kielder Forest itself.
John Furnevel [07/11/2007]

It’s a lean-to gym, but not as we know it. Looking North towards Riccarton, we see that Kielder Forest station [see image 42061] now serves the community in four ways: there are two houses in the former station building (right); a car service garage built on the trackbed (centre); and a gym in an annexe to the garage (left). Finally, the petrol pumps in the foreground are – unusually – operated by volunteer staff. There is a trackbed footpath South from here.
Ken Strachan [10/07/2015]
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