The photographer^s sons chase each other along the platform of Kielder^s distinctive station in April 1964.
Frank Spaven Collection (Courtesy David Spaven) [/04/1964]

It’s a lean-to gym, but not as we know it. Looking North towards Riccarton, we see that Kielder Forest station [see image 42061] now serves the community in four ways: there are two houses in the former station building (right); a car service garage built on the trackbed (centre); and a gym in an annexe to the garage (left). Finally, the petrol pumps in the foreground are – unusually – operated by volunteer staff. There is a trackbed footpath South from here.
Ken Strachan [10/07/2015]

The station building at Kielder, closed in 1956, seen on 8 November 2007 looking north west.
John Furnevel [08/11/2007]
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