Gresley V3 2-6-2T no 67624 on a westbound train at Joppa in the summer of 1959.
A Snapper (Courtesy Bruce McCartney) [25/07/1959]

Gresley V3 no 67666 brings a Dunbar - Edinburgh train into Joppa in July 1959.
A Snapper (Courtesy Bruce McCartney) [06/07/1959]

Well, well, if it isn^t The Snapper.... (No, not that one, the other one.) Gateshead V2 2-6-2 no 60809 ^The Snapper, The East Yorkshire Regiment, The Duke of York^s Own^ heading south through Joppa on 24 August 1957 on the way home.
A Snapper (Courtesy Bruce McCartney) [24/08/1957]
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