The former station at Innerwick on the ECML, closed to passengers in 1951 and now a private residence. View north east with the road bridge over the main line to the right. Torness nuclear power station can just be made out in the left background.
John Furnevel [06/07/2006]

A Paris bound TGV speeding past the Chateau of a small but exclusive vineyard in the Dordogne perhaps... no, an Edinburgh bound Voyager passing between a cabbage field and the former Innerwick station, East Lothian, in the summer of 2006.
John Furnevel [06/07/2006]

The railwayman who inspired the photographer^s life-long interest in railways - Signalman John Mack in command of Innerwick box in August 1931.
Frank Spaven Collection (Courtesy David Spaven) [//1931]
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