156 513 stands at Girvan in May 1999 with a service for Kilmarnock.
David Panton [/05/1999]

A tablet-exchange at Girvan. The 11.59 for Kilmarnock (from Stranraer) drops the tablet for the section from Barrhill, which will then be given to the driver of the 12.01 to Stranraer. The driver of the 12.01 explained that these days the handover has to be from the train once it has halted. No more hanging it on the signalman^s arm as the train runs past.

Colin Miller [14/10/2017]

Two views of the eastside stairway at Girvan in May 2007 - continuing the overall Art Deco theme.
John Furnevel [31/05/2007]
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