View east to Gartsherrie South Junction from Gartsherrie North Junction in 1989.

The Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway^s 1831 alignment was a little to the left and continued straight on to join the 1826 Monkland and Kirkintilloch at its Gartsherrie station, opened with the junction. The line curving to the right is the 1843/5 extension to the WM&C at Whifflet built by the G&G. It renamed itself the Glasgow, Garnkirk and Coatbridge in 1844. From left to right is the 1848 alignment built by the Caledonian Railway from Gartsherrie South Junction to Gartsherrie East Junction to gain access via a short section of the M&K to its line from Garnqueen South Junction to Greenhill. This spur crossed the original G&G line on the level. The containers in the background are on the site of Gartsherrie Ironworks with Coatbridge FLT off picture to the right. There were two Gartsherrie stations, one on the GG&C (1843 to 1940) and another earlier one (1831 to 1849) on the M&K near Gunnie Yard. The G&G had an inn (opened 1833) at Gartsherrie and may have had their own station close to the M&K junction.

Gartsherrie North Junction was between the original G&G line and the later extension to Whifflet.
Ewan Crawford [//1989]

A view from the site of Gartsherrie North Junction looking to Gartsherrie South Junction.

Gartsherrie South Jct has had some track realignment since 1989 [see image 50822]]. The box closed in 1999, after which the down line (right) became a headshunt for Coatbridge Freightliner Terminal and the up line (left) is a single track from here to Gartcosh Junction.
Alastair McLellan [29/07/2017]
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