Having just left Fort William, 37 111 passes the West Highland oil terminal on the approach to the former Mallaig (now Fort William) Junction in September 1985.
David Panton [/09/1985]

With plenty of power to spare the 67 from the sleeper takes empty oil tanks out of the sidings. This is a very complicated shunt involving many reversals. PS Who nicked my nice signal and replaced it with that new thing?
Ewan Crawford [05/01/2006]

66099 waits for the Fort William Junction bracket signal to clear before moving forward to Lochaber. The short train of tanks has been drawn out of the depot on the right and set back to this point before taking the mainline. Picture taken from the old Lochaber narrow gauge railway embankment looking towards Fort William station.
Mark Bartlett [18/05/2010]
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