Back to nature...the mosses and lichens have already started the inevitable on the wooden steps of Forsinard north box in August 2007.
John Furnevel [27/08/2007]

The out of use north signal box at Forsinard in August 2007. A few years ago, before the box was boarded up, EC photographed the following scratched into the wooden surface inside... James Sinclair. Finished on railway 27/11/93 after 36 years service. [See image 16369]
John Furnevel [27/08/2007]

In October 1972, the daily freight to the Far North waits in Forsinard loop for a southbound passenger train heading for Inverness. Forsinard north box stands in the background.
Frank Spaven Collection (Courtesy David Spaven) [/10/1972]
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