This is a BR PR&PO photograph originally taken by the LNER in 1945 showing Faslane Junction signal box.

This was the junction for the yard and short branch to the Military Port. The West Highland was doubled at the junction.

From the rear side of this photograph we have the details of the year and that the negative is held by the LNER Engineers Department, Edinburgh. A stamp reads The Railway Executive, Scottish Region, Public Relations and Publicity Office, 179 Howard Street, Glasgow, G.1. Hand written is the reference SB5Y85.
PR&PO British Railways (Douglas Blades Collection) [//1945]

Military exchange sidings in 1984 looking towards Faslane. The connection to the WHL (off picture right) had been removed by this time but track part of the way down to Faslane was still in place.
John McIntyre [//1984]

37175 with the Royal Scotsman at Faslane Junction in 1985.
John McIntyre [//1985]
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