The quest is at an end ... Arthurian at Falkirk High! Monty Python might approve. HolyRail Ltd.
John Yellowlees [05/07/2017]

The time to celebrate the E&G will be later in the year when our new faster longer greener trains are in service.

Meanwhile for the 175th anniversary it might be appropriate to recall what happened on 18 February 1992 when Viscount Whitelaw arriving behind 60009 temporarily renumbered as 60004 unveiled this sculpture by George Wylie at Falkirk High.
John Yellowlees [21/04/2015]

Viscount Whitelaw addresses the crowd at Falkirk High. 16 February 1992 - the E&G^s 150th Anniversary. To the right is the George Wylie sculpture.
Bill Roberton [16/02/1992]
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