Annan - Gretna redoubling. A southbound coal train approaching Dornock on 3 August about to cross the recently replaced junction for the line into Eastriggs munitions sidings.
John Furnevel [03/08/2007]

The Devil^s Porridge Museum in Eastriggs is mainly concerned with all the activities surrounding the construction of HM Factory Gretna, and the production of munitions there during WWI. However, there are some other displays, including one relating to the Quintinshill disaster. This includes the display panel from the signal box, which closed in 1973.
Mark Bartlett [31/01/2016]

EE Type 4 no D200 (40122) pilots Black 5 no 44767 George Stephenson near Dornock on 22 March 1986 with a Carlisle - Kilmarnock special. The steam locomotive and stock were gradually making their way north to Fort William for a season of West Highland excursions, while the Type 4 had hauled the train from Carlisle in compliance with the BR ban on steam working under OHL at that time.
Bruce McCartney [22/03/1986]
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