A look south along the Platform 1 at Dunkeld on 20 September.  The line is bidirectional and the platform is used by all services except one each weekday.  The station may look like it is staffed, but in fact is hasn^t been manned for some years though this building is occupied.  Notice that some of the canopy brackets seem to have had their ornate mouldings knocked out and replaced with something more utilitarian.  Note also the wooden steps on platforms which are below standard height.  The sign on the door reads Private offices leased from British Rail.  It is regretted that there are no facilities for the travelling public

David Panton [30/09/2010]

47804 the most photographed class 47 locomotive this year in Scotland is tailed behind a special charter to Newcastle, seen at Dunkeld on 20 September 2008.
Brian Forbes [20/09/2008]

A rail grinder stabled in the sidings at Dunkeld on 13 April 2010.
Brian Forbes [13/04/2010]
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