^This station must be one of the least important in the British Islands, serving as it does so sparsely populated a district. No proper roadway leads to it, access being by a footpath across a field. It is under the charge of one female official, who is empowered to issue tickets to but six stations...^ [The Border Line, James Logan Mack, 1924.] Deadwater station in 2007, the border lies just behind the camera.
John Furnevel [05/11/2007]

Remote doesn^t really do justice to the countryside around Deadwater. Just to the north of the old station a platelayer^s hut still stands alongside the Border Counties trackbed, nearly sixty years after closure. The abutments of an old overbridge can also be seen but the road itself has been straightened out across the old line. View looks north towards Saughtree and Riccarton Junction in June 2013.
Mark Bartlett [07/06/2013]

Lineside remains alongside the trackbed of the Border Counties Railway approximately three quarters of a mile north west of Deadwater heading for Saughtree. View west from the road in November 2013. [Ref query 6299]
John Furnevel [08/11/2013]
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