Jubilee 4-6-0 45711 Courageous at the head of a Glasgow St Enoch - Largs train, photographed at Dalry Junction on 27 July 1955. The locomotive was officially withdrawn from Corkerhill shed towards the end of 1962 following a period ^in store^ at Lugton [see image 45533].
G H Robin collection by courtesy of the Mitchell Library, Glasgow [27/07/1955]

View south at Dalry Junction from the site of Dalry No 3 box, south of Dalry station. There was a short lived Dalry Junction station here (1850 to 1860). The Kilmarnock and Ayr routes separated here and ran a short distance south before diverging. This was on the quadruple section to Kilwinning which started at Brownhill Junction (or, arguably, St Enochs). The box also served a number of colliery branches.

Donald Hillier comments ^The 4 track section from Brownhill used to go as far as Kilwinning around WW2 then reduced to 2 tracks as far as Dalgarven, then it was (at that time) the Up Goods, Up Main and Down Main to/from Kilwinning before finally being reduced to 2 tracks when Dalgarven SB closed 24 Mar 1968.^
Ewan Crawford [//1997]

Fairburn tank 42697 passing Dalry Junction on 27 July 1955 with an Ayr - Glasgow St Enoch train.
G H Robin collection by courtesy of the Mitchell Library, Glasgow [27/07/1955]
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