View west from Station Road, Dalbeattie, between the truncated remains of the infilled platforms in May 2007. Part of what was the up (Dumfries bound) platform now lies behind the fence on the right [see image 15412] with the site of the old goods yard over to the left.
John Furnevel [29/05/2007]

Remains at Dalbeattie in May 2007 looking east towards Station Road. The infilled platforms are on the left of the picture, while the goods yard was to the right. [See image 15413] [Ref query 1665]
John Furnevel [29/05/2007]

57349 approaching Dalbeattie on 14 July 1956 with a Dumfries - Kirkcudbright train. [Ref query 5666]
G H Robin collection by courtesy of the Mitchell Library, Glasgow [14/07/1956]
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