Tougher competition from the new A9 is evident as this Class 40-hauled Highland Main Line train approaches Dalanraoch in 1977.
Frank Spaven Collection (Courtesy David Spaven) [//1977]

A Class 40-hauled train speeds downhill past Dalanraoch box between Blair Atholl and Dalnaspidal in 1977.
Frank Spaven Collection (Courtesy David Spaven) [//1977]

In early 1967 a northbound Edinburgh-Inverness service overtakes an engineers train at Dalanraoch loop, mid-way along the recently-singled section between Blair Atholl and Dalnaspidal. Even in the mid-1970s Inverness-based goods guards were in the habit of describing this location as ^Dalnacardoch^, after the nearby former signal box on the previously double-track route - which was of course re-doubled in the 1970s to accommodate a resurgence of North Sea oil and Invergordon aluminium smelter freight traffic.
David Spaven [//1967]
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