SPTE 101 sets down at Croy bound for Stirling.
Brian Forbes [//1989]

A rush hour tail back just west of Croy in September 1988. The 17.25 Glasgow Queen Street - Aberdeen push-pull service is held at a red alongside the 17.14 Glasgow - Edinburgh service (led by 47 524) that has been side-lined. The cause of the jam is the 17.03 Glasgow - Dunblane service, its worn-out DMU stock then notorious for either not keeping to time or (as in this case) breaking down.
Mark Dufton [/09/1988]

ScotRail 385015 on a test run from Linlithgow to Queen Street on 24 July 2018, the first day of passenger services for the new Class 385 EMUs. 385104 and 385003 did the honours for those travellling between Edinburgh and Glasgow.
Colin McDonald [24/07/2018]
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