It is a steady climb from Craigellachie to Dufftown and, after about a mile and a half, the River Fiddich is crossed by this viaduct which is numbered 240.
John Gray [27/07/2009]

The filled in turntable pit at Craigellachie on 24 May 2012, Speyside line to the left, Elgin line to the right.
Ewan Crawford [24/05/2012]

The trackbed from Craigellachie to Dufftown is now part of the Speyside Way and this viaduct over the River Fiddich is at the east end of the station site right at the start of the walk, a steady climb of about four miles. A small platform attached to the structure still has some surviving signal pulleys.
John Gray [27/07/2009]
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