South portal of Bowshank Tunnel on 19 January, with the forward vehicle of the tracklaying train standing at the extremity of the down line.
Bill Roberton [19/01/2015]

Activity around the south portal of Bowshank Tunnel on 24 October 2014 seen from alongside the A7. Note the ^slab track^ already laid through the 200m tunnel (provided as ^passive provision^ for future electrification). The double track route through the tunnel is part of a 6.4km dynamic passing loop on the new Borders Railway. [See image 49398]
John Furnevel [24/10/2014]

Ballast train a little to the north of Bowshank Tunnel on 27 January 2015 with Freightliner class 66 locomotives 66613 (leading) and 66614 in charge.
Bill Roberton [27/01/2015]
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