A southbound Waverley route freight runs through Belses in the sixties behind an EE Type 4.
Robin Barbour Collection (Courtesy Bruce McCartney) [//]

Looking south, in failing light, from the track bed to Belses station in 1974.
Jim Scott [//1974]

Preserved A3 Pacific 4472 with the Flying Scotsman Anniversary Special on 16 April 1966. The special, which ran between Northallerton and Inverkeithing, marked the third anniversary of the purchase of the locomotive by Alan Pegler. The outward journey ran over the ECML, with the return south via the Waverley route. It is seen here on the return journey about to run through Belses station. [See image 27918]
Dougie Squance (Courtesy Bruce McCartney) [16/04/1966]
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