The sheer delight (even on a dull day) of the Loch Carron panorama seen from the ^Devon Belle^ observation car en route to Kyle in October 1966. Not quite the same these days, looking sideways out of a 158!
Frank Spaven Collection (Courtesy David Spaven) [/10/1966]

An Inverness bound train approaches Attadale. The tiny halt can just be seen in the distant left of centre. At one stage this was the intended western terminus of the line. Loch Carron is not particularly deep here and fortunately the line was continued further west to Stromeferry.
Ewan Crawford [01/10/2009]

Loch Carron is mill pond smooth at high tide as 158715 approaches the avalanche shelter near Attadale. The train is running on the reclaimed land which pushed the railway further out into the loch when the road was built between it and the cliff face in the 1960s.
Mark Bartlett [11/07/2012]
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