46100 Royal Scot passing Abbeyhill eastbound on Sunday 14 August 2016 shortly after leaving Waverley with the ScotRail ^Borders Line Steam Special^ heading for Tweedbank.
Jim Peebles [14/08/2016]

The ECML closed for engineering work at Abbeyhill Junction on 17 September, with local services replaced by buses and long distance trains diverted.
Bill Roberton [17/09/2011]

Abbeyhill Junction is where the bidirectional lines from the east of
Waverley Station through Calton tunnels (just one track per tunnel)
resolve into the Up and Down ECML. In the middle distance the Abbeyhill Loop and line to Leith once also veered off to the left, but the connection was broken in the early 1990s. View east from Regent Road park on 12 February with the floodlights of Meadowbank Stadium on the horizon.
David Panton [12/02/2011]
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