Steam age infrastructure survives today at Foxfield, including the water tower seen here in October 2010. The signalbox once controlled the junction for the Coniston branch but now just a section on the line from Barrow to Millom. The green building next to the crossing is the Lamp oil Store for the semaphore signals. The station survives as a request halt on the edge of the Duddon estuary.
Mark Bartlett [17/10/2010]

Looking north towards Sellafield on a summer evening at Seascale. A Harrington Hump can be seen at the far end of the platform from where it will afford level access to the front door of trains. Part of the huge nuclear complex is just visible in the cutting beyond the station.
Mark Bartlett [27/07/2013]

Northern 156475 restarts from the Foxfield request stop with a Barrow to Workington service on 27 September. This station, in an exposed location on the Duddon estuary, was until 1954 the junction for Coniston and had an overall roof to allow passengers to change under cover. There is now just a small waiting shelter. The fine signal box, like the others between Carnforth, Barrow and Carlisle, is scheduled to close in 2021.
Mark Bartlett [27/09/2014]
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