DRS 68029 and 68019 on a stabling road outside the Sellafield plant between flask train duties. 13th November 2017.
Mark Bartlett [13/11/2017]

View from the north end of Sellafield station, looking past the signal box, on 8th March 2018. DRS 66301 is stabled at the head of a long rake of GBRf box wagons, with a classmate on the other end of the train. The siding, alongside the single track to St. Bees, is on the formation of the long closed line to Egremont.
Mark Bartlett [08/03/2018]

Looking west along the remains of the short Eskmeals (Vickers Gun Range Sidings) branch to the coastal ranges that are still in use today and can be seen in the distance. Opened by the Furness Railway in 1897 and still in regular use in-the 1980s but believed to have been lifted in mid 1990s. [With thanks to all who responded] [See image 44057] for a view in the opposite direction. Level crossings map reference SD088925
Mark Bartlett [27/07/2013]
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