Looking east over the Boat of Garten - Aberdeen platform at Craigellachie in the early 1960s, with the Elgin platforms over to the left. The station opened as Strathspey Junction in July 1863 and finally closed to passengers in May 1968.
Robin Barbour Collection (Courtesy Bruce McCartney) [//]

The base of a distant signal still stands alongside the trackbed east of Craigellachie on the way to Dufftown in July 2009, some 38 years after closure of the line.
John Gray [27/07/2009]

The station nameboard at Nethy Bridge in June 1974. The British Railways two part enamel sign was placed over the earlier sign after the raised letters were removed. Unfortunately, by the time the photograph was taken, part of the enamel sign had also been removed, leaving this strange combination.
John McIntyre [15/06/1974]
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