First light and fresh snow at Birmingham Snow Hill on 11 January and 150124 (and the 3-car unit to which it was coupled) have unloaded their commuters in front of the BT Tower before going forward on the Kidderminster line.
Mark Bartlett [11/01/2010]

City of Truro on an exhibition train at Weston-super-Mare, Locking Road, in 1961. Locking Road was a 4-platform station, opened in 1866 as ^Weston Super Mare Excursion Platform^ until the name change in 1930. It was roughly on the site of the original terminus, built when Weston was served by a horse-drawn spur (until the loop was built in 1884). Locking Road closed in September 1964.
John Thorn [//1961]

Swindon had the pleasure of Tornado passing through enroute to Cardiff. Paddington-Reading-Swindon-Chippenham-Filton-Severn Tunnel-Cardiff. Passing time ~ 1150, 30 mins. late due to a freight train failing. First steamer of the year through Swindon, although if you listened to the local media, you would think it was the first steam train since 1965.
Peter Todd [01/03/2017]
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