BR ^Clan^ Pacific no 72001 Clan Cameron climbing Tarbolton Bank in 1961 with a Glasgow Salkeld Street - Carlisle parcels train. [Ref query 28 August 2018]
Bill Hamilton [//1961]

One of Ayr shed^s ^Crab^ 2-6-0s no 42805 with eastbound coal empties at Auchincruive on 24 May 1962. [Ref query 8 September 2018]
G H Robin collection by courtesy of the Mitchell Library, Glasgow [24/05/1962]

Bing-bong... the train now standing at platform.... Before the advent of electronic station announcement systems a less hi-tech method was employed. Here is one of the original Bing-bong devices - an impressive looking G&SWR announcer^s bell. Date and origins unknown.

Bruce McCartney Collection [//]
All photographs of Glasgow and south Western Railway