A defective 143617 heads out of Exeter TMD onto the up line to move across the depot site on 13 September, while 153305 waits at platform 6a to form the 16.25 to Plymouth. 143617 subsequently failed and blocked the up line for some 20 minutes, due to a brake release fault, and delayed 153305^s departure before it could be got back onto the depot.
David Pesterfield [13/09/2012]

Looking north along the Up platform at Tiverton Parkway on 28 June as an Edinburgh bound Cross Country Voyager, with 435 miles still to go, sets off on the next leg of its journey.
John McIntyre [28/06/2008]

Highbridge was formerly the point where the Somerset and Dorset^s Burnham-on-Sea branch intersected the Great Western main line on a flat crossing. The S&D branch closed in 1966 and modern housing now occupies that part of the station but two sets of rail wheels on a short section of track commemorate the old railway. The surviving platforms enjoy a regular service of stopping trains between Taunton and Bristol.
Mark Bartlett [17/05/2014]
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