Sunrise over blackmountFort William to London Sleeper "The Deerstalker"

This page contains some photographs taken when the Fort William Sleeper on the West Highland Railway was under threat in the 1990s. The service (operated by ScotRail) runs from Fort William to London every evening (except Saturday) and returns the next morning.

Sleeper heads south through Corrour

The photograph to the left shows the Fort William to London sleeper passing through Corrour station. To take the photograph required use of studio flashlights and a portable generator. There is no public road access to Corrour and as a result, these were taken to Corrour by train.

The photograph to the top right shows a sunrise at Blackmount in the west of Rannoch moor. This is typical of the view to be seen from the Sleeper at sunrise.There is an enormous difference between the sunrise and sunset times of the summer and winter seasons this is very clearly demonstrated by the next two photographs both taken at the same time of day but in different seasons.

Southbound sleeper awaits departure from Rannoch 
Both of these photographs show the sleeper awaiting departure from Rannoch. The photograph to the left is taken from the east side of the station (by the level crossing) in the winter. The photograph on the right was taken this summer (1997) from the west side of the station on the loading bank.

Many in Rannoch make use of the service to travel to London. The service is also used by owners of  holiday homes near and around Kinloch Rannoch.
Southbound sleeper pauses at Dalmuir
The photograph to the right shows the Fort William to London sleeper paused at Dalmuir. At Dalmuir there is a crew change and travellers from western Glasgow may board the train.