William Dixon (Junior)


  /  /1788William Dixon (Junior)
Born in Govan.
01/08/1811Govan Waggonway
William Dixon (Junior) buys land from the Corporation of Glasgow for building a waggonway from the Govan Colliery at Govanhill to the Glasgow, Paisley and Ardrossan Canal at Port Eglinton Basin.
  /  /1822William Dixon (Senior)
Death of William Dixon (Senior), William Dixon (Junior) takes over business.
  /  /1824William Dixon (Junior)
Buys Wilsontown estate.
  /05/1826Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway
Act receives Royal assent. The promoters were Charles Tennant, Mark Sprot, George M. Nisbett, John Land, James Jeffray, Thomas Sprot, William Dixon (Junior), Archibald Lamont and James Merry.
  /05/1826William Dixon (Junior)
One of the promoters of the Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway mentioned in its Act.
  /  /1837Govan Iron Works
William Dixon (Junior) opens the Govan Iron Works ('Dixon's Blazes'), for bar iron. It was built near the Govanhill Colliery on the south bank of the River Clyde near Glasgow and Port Eglinton Basin of the Glasgow, Paisley and Ardrossan Canal.
  /  /1842Wilsontown Iron Works
Closed by William Dixon (Junior), area given over to mining.
  /  /1859William Dixon (Junior)
Death of William Dixon (Junior).