Fort William


  /  /1733Road complete
  /  /1748Stirling to Fort William Military Road
Construction commences
  /  /1753Stirling to Fort William Military Road
Road complete
  /  /1786Fort William to Glencoe Military Road
Road built
  /  /1854Fort William
Last garrison leaves fort.
  /  /1896Fort William
Entrance arch from the old fort moved to Craigs Burial Ground.
  /  /1924Fort William Smelter
Site clearance begins in Fort William to build a smelter for the British Aluminium Company.
  /  /1925Fort William Smelter
The Lochaber Narrow Gauge Railway opened from the Fort William Smelter to Loch Treig. The line was opened in connection with the construction of the Aluminium works. Rather than close afterwards it was retained and improved for maintenance on the somewhat remote pipeline which served the hydro-electric scheme at the works.
  /  /1928Fort William Smelter
Power house under construction.
  /  /1931Fort William Smelter
Works to damn Loch Laggan, to add to Loch Treig.
  /  /1944Fort William Smelter
Flood waters of the River Spey diverted to Loch Laggan.
  /  /1971Fort William Smelter
Line between pier and smelter lifted.
  /  /1977Fort William Smelter
The Lochaber Narrow Gauge Railway closed, some track remained by the works in Fort William.
  /  /1978Fort William Smelter
Bridge over A82 removed.
  /  /1981Fort William Smelter
Original furnace room demolished during modernisation.