Andrew Barclay and Sons


This works was established by Andrew Barclay in Kilmarnock in 1847. The works was to the south of Kilmarnock [1st] station.

The works specialised in industrial steam locomotives, fireless locomotives and ultimately diesel locomotives.

In 1990 the works were relocated just to the north. The buildings of the original works survive, in other uses.


  /  /1878Straiton Oil Works
Locomotive bought from Andrew Barclay and Sons, locomotive shed opened

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This is a railway works on the south side of Kilmarnock station, at its west end.

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^Wheel be seeing you ...^ Passing Wabtec, Kilmarnock, on 11 February 2015. ...
Colin Miller 11/02/2015
The exterior of a Mk 3 coach undergoing refurbishment, including new plug doors, taken at Wabtec in July 2018. Photo by Christian Tait. ...
Gary Straiton Collection 19/07/2018
A view east over the Brush Barclay works at Kilmarnock from the Barassie line on 3 July 2010.
John McIntyre 03/07/2010
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This was a locomotive works on the south side of West Langlands Street in Kilmarnock. The works was established by Andrew Barclay and rebuilt several times.

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An EE Type 1, at Barclay^s for components removal in 1989, parked in a siding with a diminutive shunter. ...
Bill Roberton //1989
I saw a reference recently to Andrew Barclay^s interest in astronomy on Railscot, which reminded me of an official visit I made to the site in 1982. ...
Bill Roberton //1982
Interloper! The Andrew Barclay Caledonia Works shunter in 1982 was
Bill Roberton //1982
The main erecting shop of the Caledonia Works in 1982. Two diesel shunters under overhaul and in the middle distance a coke car shunter is being ...
Bill Roberton //1982
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