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Chronology for Stirling and Dunfermline Railway

28/8/1850Stirling and Dunfermline Railway
Forth Ironworks Railway
Opened from Dunfermline to Alloa for passengers. A branch to Alloa harbour station from Alloa was used for passengers traveling on to Stirling by boats along the forth. A connection to the Forth Ironworks Railway was made at Oakley.
3/6/1851Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayOpened a branch from Alloa to temporary terminus at Glenfoot, near Tillicoultry.
1/7/1852Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayOpened from Alloa to Stirling
1/7/1853Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayBridge across the Forth and station at Stirling opened beside the Scottish Central Railway^s station
//1865Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayTwo road locomotive shed opened at Alloa.
/10/1889Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayAlloa RailwayConnection made between the North British Railway^s Stirling and Dunfermline Railway and the Caledonian Railway^s Alloa Railway.
21/7/1912Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayBlairhall signalbox opened. (New shafts at Blairhall colliery sunk in 1906).
1/12/1921Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayClackmannan Road station closed
9/3/1925Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayOakley renamed Oakley (Fife).
22/9/1930Stirling and Dunfermline RailwaySauchie station closed.
//1950Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayStirling shed renamed Shore Road
11/9/1954Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayNew marshalling proposed to the west of Alloa
4/7/1955Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayCausewayhead station closed
16/9/1957Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayStirling Shore Road shed closed, locomotives transferred to Stirling South.
13/9/1958Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayBogside station closed
13/9/1958Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayEast Grange station closed
19/1/1967Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayAlloa shed closed
7/10/1968Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayStirling to Alloa to Dunfermline Lower (Touch South Junction) closed to passengers
7/10/1968Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayDunfermline Lower to Stirling passenger service withdrawn
6/5/1968Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayDunfermline; Townhill Junction to Touch North Junction closed to passengers
18/6/1972Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayBlairhall signalbox closed and ground frame now released from Oakley. Blairhill colliery closed in 1969.
/03/1977Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayAlloa Harbour branch Alloa 1st closed.
/3/1977Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayAlloa Harbour branch closed
/6/1978Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayAlloa New Yard (excluded) to Longcarse Junction (reverse) to Alloa West coal yard closed.
/07/1979Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayKincardine Junction (excluded) to Oakley (excluded) closed. Signalling removed at the former Alloa station and Alloa Co-op Siding and the line from Kincardine Junction run as two parallel single tracks from Alloa to Alloa West Junction.
6/10/1979Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayKincardine Junction to Oakley closed.
/6/1979Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayKincardine Junction to Oakley (junction for Comrie Colliery) closed.
/02/1980Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayMuch of Alloa New yard (Nos 1 to 5 sidings and east end headshunt) secured out of use. Trains to Menstrie continue to round in the yard. Most trains heading east from Cambus travel via the yard to reach Alloa West Junction.
//1985Stirling and Dunfermline Railway
Kincardine Line
Longannet signal box (excluded) to Alloa West Junction (excluded) out of use. Track left in place for possible re-opening.
//1985Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayAlloa co-op Siding to Alloa West Junction (excluded) closed. Line lifted from Alloa co-op Siding to Alloa West Junction.
20/12/1987Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayAlloa New Yard closed on opening of rounding loop at Cambus. A lifted track panel could be replaced to allow access which was done some time later for a light locomotive running to Alloa West Level Crossing. Cambus Junction and Alloa West Junction signal boxes closed. Panels lifted in Alloa yard to block access.
//1988Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayLast locomotive to run east to Alloa West Junction allowed by relaying track panel at Cambus. Afterwards the panel removed again.
//1989Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayDerelict Alloa New Yard lifted.
//1994Alva Railway
Stirling and Dunfermline Railway
Stirling to Cambus to Menstrie (Glenochil Yeast) closed completely. The end nearest Stirling saw occasional use by tampers.
19/5/2008Stirling and Dunfermline Railway
Kincardine Line
The railway between Stirling and Alloa re-opens to passengers. The line between Stirling and Longannet via Alloa re-opens to freight.
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