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Chronology for South Wales Railway

//1845South Wales RailwayIncorporated to run from Gloucester to Fishguard but built to Neyland near Milford Haven instead.
4/8/1845South Wales RailwayAct passed.
//1846South Wales Railway, Great Western RailwayGreat Western Railway to lease the South Wales Railway at 5%, if South Wales Railway completed to Fishguard.
//1848South Wales RailwayTimber bridge over the River Usk accidentally burned down.
18/6/1850South Wales RailwayOpened from Chepstow to Swansea.
18/6/1850South Wales Railway700 people celebrate the opening of the line in Swansea^s new 2 platform station with a timber roof.
//1852South Wales RailwayOpened to Carmarthen, built to the 7 foot gauge and required transshipment where it was met with lines from Monmouth and Glamorgan.
11/10/1852South Wales RailwayExtended from Landore, Swansea, to Carmarthen.
/6/1852South Wales RailwayBranch opened to Swansea North Dock from North Dock Branch Junction.
/7/1852South Wales RailwayWye Bridge at Chepstow completed.
2/1/1854South Wales RailwayExtended from Carmarthen to Haverfordwest.
15/4/1856South Wales RailwayExtended from Haverfordwest to Neyland.
19/4/1858South Wales RailwayBranch to Bute docks opened.
/9/1859South Wales RailwaySwansea North Dock branch extended.
1/8/1863South Wales Railway, Great Western RailwaySouth Wales Railway amalgamated with the Great Western Railway.
//1865South Wales RailwayFirst Neath station closed and replaced by Neath High Level over the Neath and Brecon Railway.
//1872South Wales RailwayThe line was converted to standard gauge in a single weekend. (263 miles).
//1872South Wales RailwayConverted to standard gauge.
//1872South Wales RailwayAfter gauge conversion of the South Wales Railway a connection was made at Waterloo Junction to the Monmouthshire Canal Tramway. The transshipment station was closed.
4/6/1877South Wales RailwayNeath High Level closed and the first Neath station, rebuilt, reopened.
//1879South Wales RailwaySwansea High Street enlarged.
1/1/1879Monmouthshire Canal Tramway
South Wales Railway
Park Junction to Gaer Junction opened allowing Western Valleys access to use the main Newport station, High Street.
11/3/1880Monmouthshire Canal Tramway
South Wales Railway
Newport Dock Street closed to passengers but retained for freight. All services now use Newport High Street.
2/4/1885South Wales RailwayPark Junction to Ebbw Junction made for through running towards Cardiff.
//1886South Wales RailwayTawe Valley bridge, 587yd in timber with 110 ft bowstring centre span 75 ft above water with 36 approach spans, replaced by 389 yd wrought-iron bridge on stone piers with timber decking and 147 ft centre span.
//1896South Wales Railway, Taff Vale RailwayBute Street Junction between the lines closed on opening of new fly-over east of Cardiff General.
//1896South Wales RailwayNeath platforms extended.
//1906South Wales RailwaySwansea West Loop opened, services can run from Swansea to Carmarthen without reversal.
28/9/1907South Wales RailwayAccident at Ebbw Junction when freight over-runs signal and hits passenger train.
//1911South Wales RailwaySecond bore opened by the Hillfield Tunnel, Newport. Bridge over the River Usk is quadrupled.
//1915South Wales RailwayNewport locomotive shed re-located further west from by station goods yard to Ebbw Junction.
//1923South Wales RailwayRe-construction of Newport station begins.
//1923South Wales RailwayReconstruction of Swansea High Street station begins.
//1930South Wales RailwayExpansion of Newport station complete.
//1932South Wales RailwayCardiff General re-built. Riverside station becomes an island platform.
//1932South Wales RailwayReconstruction of Swansea High Street station ends.
28/10/1940South Wales RailwayCardiff General absorbs Cardiff Riverside.
//1960South Wales RailwayLlanwern station closed.
//1964South Wales RailwayBranches to North and South Docks closed by 1965.
2/11/1964South Wales RailwayLandore station closed.
2/11/1964South Wales RailwayLlantrisant station closed to passengers.
7/5/1973South Wales RailwayCardiff General renamed Cardiff Central.
10/3/1974Nettleford Branch (South Wales Railway)Branch in Newport closed.
6/3/1978South Wales RailwayNew building at Neath opened.
/2/1988South Wales RailwayLlantrisant closed to freight.
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