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Chronology for Portpatrick Railway

17/8/1857Portpatrick RailwayAct receives Royal assent.
//1861Portpatrick RailwayGlenluce viaduct completed.
11/3/1861Portpatrick RailwayStranraer Town to Castle Douglas (Castle Douglas and Dumfries Railway) formally opened.
12/3/1861Portpatrick RailwayStranraer Town to Castle Douglas opened to the public. Most of the line was single track. Stations at; Stranraer, Glenluce, Kirkcowan, Newton Stewart, Creetown, New Galloway, Parton and Crossmichael.
/6/1861Portpatrick RailwayLoch Skerrow Halt opened.
1/7/1861Portpatrick RailwayCastle Kennedy, Dunragit, Palnure opened.
/9/1861Portpatrick RailwayDromore opened.
1/10/1862Portpatrick RailwayStranraer Harbour opened. The Stranraer and Larne Steamboat Company starts a service between the ports in its title.
28/8/1862Portpatrick RailwayPortpatrick to Stranraer opened. Stations at; Colfin and Portpatrick.
//1863Portpatrick RailwayThe Caledonian Railways Dumfries Lochmaben and Lockerbie Railway is opened giving the company access to Dumfries. In response the Portpatrick Railway applies for running powers over the Castle Douglas and Dumfries Railway to Dumfries and the Caledonian Railway negotiates running the Portpatrick Railway, which the Glasgow and South Western Railway had considered was within its territory.
//1863Portpatrick RailwayStranraer and Larne Steamboat Company services are suspended as too expensive.
1/7/1863Portpatrick RailwayDromore re-named Gatehouse.
17/2/1864Portpatrick RailwayCaledonian Railway takes over running of the Portpatrick Railway. The smaller company had eight engines and the larger company added some of its own engines.
//1865Girvan and Portpatrick RailwayAct receives Royal assent.
//1865Portpatrick RailwayCaledonian Railway experiments with a Stranraer to Belfast service.
1/6/1865Portpatrick RailwayGatehouse re-named Dromore for Gatehouse.
1/9/1866Portpatrick RailwayDromore for Gatehouse re-named Gatehouse.
//1868Portpatrick RailwayPortpatrick to Donaghadee Boat starts running.
/11/1868Portpatrick RailwayPortpatrick Harbour station and branch closed.
11/9/1868Portpatrick RailwayPortpatrick Harbour station and branch opened.
3/10/1870Girvan and Portpatrick RailwayOpened. (Date doubtful).
1/6/1871Portpatrick RailwayGatehouse re-named Dromore.
//1872Girvan and Portpatrick RailwayConstruction begins.
//1872Portpatrick RailwayLarne and Stranraer Steamboat Company commences running between the ports in its title. The Portpatrick Railway owned part of the company. The company operated a steamer Princess Louise.
//1874Portpatrick RailwayPortpatrick to Donaghadee Boat stops running. This is in part due to the unsuitability of Portpatrick Harbour. The Stranraer to Larne service replaces the abandoned service. Portpatrick to Stranraer remains open.
//1876Portpatrick RailwayLarne and Stranraer Steamboat Company operates second steamer Princess Beatrice.
5/10/1877Girvan and Portpatrick RailwayLine opened from a junction at Girvan (Maybole and Girvan Railway) to Challoch Junction (Portpatrick Railway). (Alternative date: 3/10/1870).
7/2/1882Girvan and Portpatrick Railway
Portpatrick Railway
Girvan and Portpatrick Railway trains banned from Stranraer and Portpatrick by the Portpatrick Railway. Line closed temporarily from Girvan to Challoch Junction.
1/8/1883Girvan and Portpatrick Railway
Portpatrick Railway
Lifting of ban of trains from the Portpatrick Railway.
//1885Portpatrick RailwayCaledonian Railway lease expires - the Portpatrick Railway and Wigtownshire Railway become jointly run as the Portpatrick and Wigtownshire Joint Railway - controlled by the Caledonian Railway, London and North Western Railway, Glasgow and South Western Railway and Midland Railway. The stock was owned by all four companies and operated by the two Scottish companies. The Joint company also owned 4/5 of the Larne and Stranraer Steamship Joint Committee, the remaining 1/5 owned by the Belfast and Northern Counties Railway.
12/4/1886Girvan and Portpatrick RailwayLine closed for two months due to financial problems.
18/6/1886Girvan and Portpatrick RailwayLine re-opened.
2/9/1886Girvan and Portpatrick RailwayGirvan (New) closed.
//1887Girvan and Portpatrick Railway
Ayr and Wigtownshire Railway
Girvan and Portpatrick Railway absorbed by Ayr and Wigtownshire Railway, a company formed to re-finance the line.
//1890Portpatrick RailwayTablets introduced on the line. The company went on to employ Mansons tablet-catcher to allow exchanges at speeds up to 76mph.
14/7/1890Girvan and Portpatrick RailwayGirvan (New) re-opened.
//1892Girvan and Portpatrick RailwayAyr and Wigtownshire Railway bought by the Glasgow and South Western Railway. Girvan (Old) closed and reparations made to Girvan and Portpatrick line.
1/4/1894Girvan and Portpatrick RailwayGirvan (New) renamed Girvan.
//1895Portpatrick RailwayA wooden engine shed is opened at Newton Stewart in the V of the junction.
/2/1895Girvan and Portpatrick RailwayNorthbound train is snowed in at Chirmorie, passengers forced to stay in local cottages, and is only freed after a week.
/2/1895Portpatrick RailwayDuring a period of very bad snowfall a train is held up at Creetown for 3 days.
//1905Portpatrick RailwayPortpatrick engine shed out of use.
//1907Girvan and Portpatrick RailwayPinwherry box opened.
28/12/1908Girvan and Portpatrick RailwaySouthbound train becomes snowed in a mile south of Barrhill. Passengers are trapped in carriages for two nights.
1/1/1912Portpatrick RailwayDromore re-named Gatehouse of Fleet.
//1919Portpatrick RailwayMansons tablet-catchers removed.
//1921Portpatrick RailwayA new large brick engine shed is opened at Newton Stewart in the V of the junction, replacing the wooden structure.
15/11/1922Girvan and Portpatrick RailwaySouthbound freight train parts near Pinmore, the second portion catches up with the first portion and crashes into it.
//1927Girvan and Portpatrick RailwaySunday trains, excursions, start on line.
22/7/1928Girvan and Portpatrick RailwayNorthbound freight train de-rails just north of Pinwherry loop, after passing through the tightly curved station at speed.
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