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Chronology for Morayshire Railway

16/7/1846Morayshire RailwayAct receives Royal assent. Authorised from Lossiemouth to Elgin and from Orton to Craigellachie.
10/7/1850Morayshire RailwayAuthorisation of Orton to Craigellachie abandoned.
28/11/1851Morayshire RailwayFirst Sod cut.
10/8/1852Morayshire RailwayLine opens from Elgin to Lossiemouth.
//1858Morayshire RailwayOrton to Craigellachie re-authorised.
23/12/1858Morayshire RailwayRothes to Craigellachie opened.
/7/1858Morayshire RailwayPre-opening inspection of Orton to Rothes line (passed but frustratingly the Elgin to Orton section of the Inverness and Aberdeen Junction Railway fails).
23/8/1858Morayshire RailwayOrton (on the Inverness and Aberdeen Junction Railway) to Rothes opened.
/12/1859Morayshire RailwayLinksfield Level Crossing Halt and Greens of Drainie Halt closed.
3/7/1860Morayshire RailwayElgin East to Rothes via Longmorn authorised (avoiding difficulties using the Inverness and Aberdeen Junction Railway^s Elgin to Orton section).
30/12/1861Morayshire RailwayElgin to Rothes opened to freight.
17/5/1861Morayshire RailwayExtension from Craigellachie to join the Strathspey Railway authorised.
1/1/1862Morayshire RailwayElgin to Rothes opened to passengers (Intermediate station opened at Longmorn).
5/6/1863Morayshire RailwayConditional halt added at Coleburn between Elgin and Rothes.
1/7/1863Morayshire RailwayLine opened from Craigellachie to Speyside Junction.
//1864Morayshire Railway
Strathspey Railway
Craigellachie renamed Dandaleith and Strathspey Junction renamed Craigellachie.
31/7/1866Morayshire RailwayRothes to Orton closed.
//1871Morayshire RailwayColeburn closed and Birchfield Platform (conditional halt) opened to replace it.
11/8/1881Morayshire Railway
Great North of Scotland Railway
Morayshire Railway absorbed by Great North of Scotland Railway. (Alternative date: 1880).
//1898Morayshire RailwayLongmorn distillery branch opened.
//1902Morayshire RailwayElgin station rebuilt.
//1903Morayshire RailwayRailcars used on Lossiemouth branch.
//1907Morayshire RailwayRothes to Orton track lifted.
6/4/1964Morayshire RailwayLossiemouth to Elgin (Lossie Junction) closed to passengers.
28/3/1966Morayshire RailwayElgin East to Lossie Junction to Lossiemouth closed to freight.
4/11/1968Morayshire Railway
Strathspey Railway
Elgin East to Craigellachie closed to freight.
6/5/1968Banff Portsoy and Strathisla Railway
Moray Coast Railway (Great North of Scotland Railway)
Morayshire Railway
Elgin to Buckie to Cairnie Junction closed to passengers.
6/5/1968Keith and Dufftown Railway
Morayshire Railway
Strathspey Railway
Elgin to Craigellachie to Keith Junction closed to passengers.
//1979Morayshire RailwayLongmorn distillery branch closed having been used as a line simply between distilleries for a number of years.
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