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Chronology for Midland Railway

10/5/1844Midland Counties Railway
Birmingham and Derby Junction Railway
North Midland Railway
Midland Railway
George Hudson encourages the Midland Counties Railway, Birmingham and Derby Junction Railway and North Midland Railway to merge to become the Midland Railway.
1/3/1852~Midland RailwayWorcester Junction renamed Abbots Wood Junction.
1/10/1855~Midland RailwayAbbots Wood Junction closed.
//1865Cheshire Lines Committee
Midland Railway
Great Northern Railway
Manchester Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway
//1866Settle and Carlisle Line (Midland Railway)Bill for the line presented with support from the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway, Glasgow and South Western Railway and the North British Railway (who did not have a partner for taking traffic from the Border Union Railway (Waverley Route) at Carlisle).
16/7/1866Settle and Carlisle Line (Midland Railway)Act passed.
//1868Settle and Carlisle Line (Midland Railway)An agreement with the London and North Western Railway is reached over use of the Ingleton Branch (Lancaster and Carlisle Railway) and Lancaster and Carlisle Railway by the Midland Railway. The route would involve the North Western Railway. The Midland Railway tries to abandon the Settle and Carlisle Line. The North British Railway and the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway block the abandonment.
1/2/1870~Midland Railway (Sheffield to Chesterfield line)Abbey Houses opened.
1/4/1870~Midland Railway (Sheffield to Chesterfield line)Abbey Houses renamed Beauchief.
//1873Settle and Carlisle Line (Midland Railway)Line planned to be open, but was not due to heavy engineering required.
/7/1873Midland RailwayThrough coaches run from Brecon (Free Street) and Birmingham.
2/8/1875Settle and Carlisle Line (Midland Railway)First goods train.
1/5/1876Settle and Carlisle Line (Midland Railway)First passenger train.
/2/1880Nottingham and Melton Line (Midland Railway)Opened to local passenger trains.
/2/1885Nottingham and Melton Line (Midland Railway)Holwell Branch brought into use.
16/5/1888~Midland RailwayAddingham opened.
/7/1888Nottingham and Melton Line (Midland Railway)London St Pancras - Glasgow/Edinburgh trains start to use line.
//1959Hawes Branch MR (Midland Railway)Hawes to Garsdale closed.
22/3/1965~Midland RailwayAddingham closed.
29/4/1967Nottingham and Melton Line (Midland Railway)Line closed to passenger expresses. It was latterly used by express trains until the WCML was upgraded.
1/11/1968Nottingham and Melton Line (Midland Railway)Last freight train.
4/11/1968Nottingham and Melton Line (Midland Railway)Closed as through route. The line was then developed as a test track and was host to trains such as the APT and Pendolinos as well as the famous test crash of a train into a nuclear flask.
31/1/1995Settle and Carlisle Line (Midland Railway)A guard killed and 40 injured in an accident at Aisgill.
14/11/2005Nottingham and Melton Line (Midland Railway)Neither Network Rail nor the Government express any interest in taking over the now redundant test track.
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