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Chronology for Kelvin Valley Railway

//1873Kelvin Valley RailwayKelvin Valley Railway authorised.
1/6/1878Kelvin Valley RailwayOpened to Kilsyth via Kelvin Valley West Junction (Birdston Junction), Kirkintilloch, to passengers and freight. Also given as the 3rd of June.
1/10/1879Kelvin Valley RailwayOpened to passengers from Maryhill to Torrance, Kelvin Valley Junction (Maryhill) opened.
4/6/1879Kelvin Valley RailwayOpened to Maryhill (no connection to Glasgow Dumbarton and Helensburgh Railway) from Kelvin Valley East Junction (Birdston Junction) for freight.
29/10/1880Kelvin Valley RailwayOpened to passengers from Maryhill to Kilsyth.
1/8/1885Kelvin Valley Railway
North British Railway
Kelvin Valley Railway absorbed by North British Railway.
31/3/1951Kelvin Valley RailwayAlternative date for closure to passengers from Kelvin Valley East Junction to Maryhill.
2/4/1951Kelvin Valley RailwayKilsyth (Kelvin Valley East Junction) to Maryhill closed to passengers.
4/8/1951Kelvin Valley RailwayClosed to passengers from Kelvin Valley West Junction to Kilsyth.
1/3/1956Kelvin Valley RailwayDennyloanhead to Banknock closed to freight.
24/6/1956Kelvin Valley RailwayKelvin Valley East Junction to Torrance closed to freight.
//1958Kelvin Valley RailwayKelvin Valley Junction (Maryhill) to Torrance used for DMU driver training.
5/10/1959Kelvin Valley RailwayTorrance to Balmore closed to freight, although subsequently used by tour train in 1960.
//1960Kelvin Valley RailwayLine used between Maryhill and Torrance by tour train hauled by Glen Douglas visiting Torrance.
6/6/1961Kelvin Valley RailwayAlternative date for Kilsyth to Kirkintilloch (Kelvin Valley West Junction) closed to passengers.
31/7/1961Kelvin Valley RailwayBalmore to Kelvin Valley Junction (Maryhill) closed to freight, but retained for a short period for coal to Summerston.
4/5/1964Kelvin Valley RailwayKilsyth to Twechar closed to freight.
4/4/1966Kelvin Valley RailwayTwechar to Kelvin Valley West Junction closed to freight.
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